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Good Local SEO firms are Hard to Find

Local SEO is critical for today’s businesses. Attracting interested web browsers to the business website exposes the brand to new eyeballs and lets the business convey what value it proposes to deliver. Getting ranked on google is the most surefire way to expose one’s business but it can be very difficult to do properly.

First things first, getting ranked on anything other than page 1 is a total waste. Furthermore, only the top 3 slots really receive a huge market share of available traffic: approximately 84%. So the idea is to get ranked #1, 2, or 3!

Recently we were talking to owner Buddy Barnes about his Alabama firms approach to ranking local websites. For those in Montgomery and Birmingham SEO is a necessary tool for attracting targeted visitors to their web pages. He says search engine marketing is the process for putting the business website in front of interested searchers over and over again and giving the visitors what they want…Answers to their problems!

So what is involved in quality SEO.

According to Barnes, there are 2 major factors: On page and off page.

On page is configuring the site structure to make the most sense to the search engines so it understands what the site/page is about.

Off page: there are 2 major factors here – Social love and authority linking. The important takeaways are that real people are talking about, liking, linking, sharing, and commenting on a sites content. Real people are represented by social media channels. The authority linked come from trusted reputable sites that google recognizes as having a relevant voice on the topic.

For that reason, many SEO firms get optimization all wrong by blasting low quality spammy links from ‘bad neighborhoods.’

Here’s the point. Business sites that focus on achieving conversation amongst content consumers will rank higher and higher for keywords. Why? Because Google rewards that conversation recognizes that web searchers are getting the answers they require to satisfy their questions.

Hope this article helps you in your search for good SEO providers.

~ The Syntryx Team




Questions and Answers

Is SEO Horn a professional SEO Company?I found SEO Horn to be offering Search engine optimization packages at an affordable rate. And the staff of the SEO Horn is quite professional, I am about to purchase the Pro SEO package! Has anyone heared about SEO Horn earlier?

Posted by Jalil
adminYes, SEO Horn is a professional SEO Company, my friend had a website and they helped them rank very well in a short period of time in Google, they have very professional staff and SEO Horn offers professional seo services at affordable price!
What is Total SEO?Hello friends………I want to become a SEO professional. But i am unable to get the grip over this. I am unable to decide what i have to learn and how i can learn to become a better SEO professional. Meta tags preparation, Blogs, Directory submissions……only these are SEO topics are there anything left.Plzzz guide me. Can anyone suggest what are the things i have to learn about to become a professional in SEO.

Posted by kalpana s
adminSEO is an ongoing learning process. I have been doing SEO for many years and I learn something new every year. The best way to learn SEO is to take a training class. You can get the basics by reading books but a real knowledge of SEO comes from in depth training.I am working on a process where I train people to do SEO while I am actually working on clients websites. The “training” is not yet ready to begin but I believe learning by observation is the quickest and easiest way to grasp the subject successfully.

Unfortunately, training can be expensive but the financial rewards are great for those who catch on.

Good luck.

Best WordPress SEO plugin?Which is the best WordPress SEO plugin?

Posted by tropicalconsulting
adminAll In One SEO is definitely one of the best known which is why so many people recommend it and I’ve used it without problems on a variety of sites and hosts so I wouldn’t be too concerned about resource usage as mentioned in a previous answer. Ultimately if it doesn’t work for you you can uninstall it and try something else :-) It is a pretty good plugin IMO.The most comprehensive SEO plugin is probably WordPress SEO by Yoast (link below) which has a multitude of options and settings to play with so it’s also one of the most complicated. Is it the best? Not necessarily but it is laden with features.

There is no simple answer to “the best” really, it comes down to experimentation and finding the plugin or combination of plugins that work best for you and your sites and that you find the most pleasant to work with. There are so many to choose from and none of them take care of every single optimization strategy so often a combination of several plugins ends up being commonplace.

I’ve listed a link to the plugin repository below based on a search for “traffic + SEO”. This only provides the free plugins of course and their are countless paid solutions too that vary in quality and effectiveness but there are certainly some very cool ones that do things none of the free plugins can.

As a point of interest, it is often better to have a properly optimized theme which will do away with the need for many of the SEO plugins and help a site’s load time etc. I stopped using All In One SEO for example when I started using an optimized framework but I still use a couple of additional plugins to help with very specific SEO settings and tasks. I particularly like WP Traffic Force (no longer currently available unfortunately) and SEOPressor was very good too. Other plugins are very task specific, building backlinks, optimizing and structuring keywords and internal linking, increasing visitor interraction or social media integration etc. They all may have a role to play on your own sites or they may not. The beauty of plugins is that they can be added and removed with a few clicks and with the free ones at least, you can’t really lose.

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